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UNLV at Texas - Feb. 12, 2005

Today was one of those days when it was just fun fun fun (!) to be a baseball fan. More fun for the Texas fans than the UNLV fans. Heh. It was overcast and the weather report wasn't good. We were expecting rain and really didn't know as the day started whether or not the game would even be played. But, the rain stayed away. And, the temperature was rather pleasant. I'm guessing it was in the mid 60s but can't say for sure since the time/temperature section of the scoreboard was out of action.

Things started out slowly. Well, that's not exactly true. UNLV scored a run right off. The Rebels lead-off batter (Lang) reached on an error by Seth Johnston. It's kinda funny. Seth has already made some great plays this season (in fact, he made one later in the day) but a ground ball straight to him somehow ended up in shallow lf. The next batter singled to lf, moving Lang to 3b. Starting pitcher Buck Cody then struck the 3rd batter out on three pitches. However, Lang scored on a ground out to 2b by the 4th batter. Texas loaded the bases in the bottom of the first but failed to score. In the second, they had runners at 1b and 2b but, again, failed to score. They did manage to tie things up in the 3rd.

Things sorta fell apart for the Horns in the 5th. Zerega tripled to the lf/cf gap to lead things off. On the play, Drew Stubbs took a bad angle on the ball. If he'd managed to get to the ball, it would've been a great play. Sadly, he was a step late and the ball skipped past him and made it to the wall. By the time Carson Kainer (backing him up from lf) managed to get to the ball and get it back to the infield, the batter was safe at 3b. Sibley then worked the count to full and drew a walk. Lang popped a bunt up toward 1b. Chance Wheeless almost made a spectacular play as he dove for the ball but just missed it. Bases loaded, no outs. Parraz then doubled to lf (2 rbi). Fry then grounded out to 2b for the first out of the inning (rbi). At that point, Texas sent Adrian Alaniz in to replace Buck on the mound. The first batter he faced singled through to the left side for the final run of the inning. Alaniz struck out the next two batters. End of the bleeding.

Texas sent three batters to the plate in each of the next two innings and started to make a move in the 7th. Clay Van Hook reached on an error by the third baseman (Hernandez pinch hit in the 6th and stayed in defensively). Drew Stubbs then flew out to rf. Seth Johnston then hit his first homerun of the year over the lf fence. It was pretty. UNLV sent Chalfant in to pitch but he walked the two batters he faced. So, they sent Navarro in to pitch. At that point, Texas sent David Maroul in to pinch hit for Calvin Beamon. Alas, he struck out. Carson Kainer then popped up to the catcher. UNLV now in the lead 5-3. In the top of the 8th, they went down in order. The first batter lined out to Seth Johnston on that play I mentioned earlier. Seth timed his jump perfectly and just managed to snag a ball that was headed into the lf/cf gap. A great play. Texas also went down in order.

And, on to the 9th inning. Adrian walked Zerega who'd worked the count full. He then walked Sibley on 4 pitches. So, on came Clayton Stewart in relief. Alas, he walked Lang (who had, once again, worked the count full) to load the bases. Parraz then hit a long fly ball to cf. RBI, sac fly. Runners still at 1b and 2b as the throw in from Drew Stubbs went to 3b. Clayton made us all nervous by walking Fry to, once more, load the bases (again on a full count). Beranek then hit a perfect 643 double play ball to Seth, though, to end the top of the inning. UNLV now ahead 6-3.

So, Texas needed to score 3 to tie things up...4 to win. Top of the order set to go. Drew Stubbs reached on the second error of the game by Hernandez at 3b. He then moved to 2b on a wild pitch while Seth was at the plate. Seth then singled up the middle to score Drew. Taylor came up and blew the first pitch he saw waaaaaaay over the lf fence. Score tied up at 6. Yee haw! The crowd, needless to say, went nuts. Bryan Herrera (who'd come in to pinch run for Will Crouch in the 7th) worked the count full and drew a walk on 8 pitches. Dooley Prince (who'd come in at rf in the top of the 8th after David's pinch hitting appearance in the 7th) then walked on 4 pitches. Carson Kainer was then asked to bunt the runners over. His plan was to bunt toward 3b and he did. Only, the ball was popped up and over the third baseman who was charging in to cover the bunt, into no man's land. It was a pretty bad bunt. A fluke. But, it worked. Amazing. All runners safe. Bases loaded. No outs. The fielders all pulled in and Chance Wheeless slapped a single through the right side. RBI. Game over. Texas wins 7-6! Hook 'em!!!

See? I told you today was a good day to be a Longhorn baseball fan.

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